Our property accomodates a multitiude of animals, none of which are raised for slaughter, but for ornamental and dairy purposes. These animals are given the utmost respect and care by our team of handlers with generous shelter, space, and protection from pests and predation.
Jacob Sheep
An uncommon breed of small, spotted, multi-horned sheep whose exact origins remain unknown. While most are raised for their wool, meat, and hides, our Jacobs are not. We have four ewes and one ram.
Katahdin Sheep
The namesake of Mt. Katahdin - the highest peak in Maine, where it was bred - this sheep is a low-maintenance and highly-adaptable breed, with a natural resistance to internal parasites and is prevalent across the country. We accommodate six.
Nigerian Dwarf
So-named because of their noticable stature, the Nigerian is a gentle and friendly dairy goat similar to Pygmys in that they double as pets as much as they do livestock. They are notable for producing large volumes of milk relative to their size.
Miniature Donkey
In the words of Robert Green - an American stockbroker who imported seven in 1929 - Miniature donkeys possess the resignation of a cow, the durability of a mule, the courage of a tiger, and an intellect rivaled only by man. We have three.
Miniature Horse
Unsuited for racing and intense labor, miniature horses are often employed as pets, service animals, or in competitions. Because height is the sole determinant of these breeds, they are often mistaken for, and resist classification as, ponies. We have one.
American Quarter Horse
Renown for its speed and versatile, working ability, American Quarters are the most popular breed of horse in the United States. We currently have two: Wally, 13, a former polo pony, and Victor, 13, formerly used in reining.
Arabian Horse
Arguably one of the most recognizable, popular, and oldest breeds in the world, Arabians are resilient animals that originated from the Middle East. They are found worldwide, including our farm. We have one, Silver.
Call Ducks
Sporting white feathers and yellow-orange bills, like Pekins, Calls are the prototypical Donald of ducks. Attractive and personable, these birds are kept here on the farm for their decorative qualities. Though they sometimes fly off, they always return.
Muscovy Ducks
Distinguishable by their red wattle, Muscovy's are large, pied ducks with glossy feathers, indigenous to the southernmost Americas. In Florida, the animal is considered a nuisance due to its territorial behavior. Here at the farm, ours get along with everyone.
With a plumage like fur, and named for its texture, Silkies are the oddballs of chickens. Besides their unusual feathers, these birds also have black skin and five toes. Notwithstanding, they are considered one of the most docile, and broody, of poultry.
Polish Chicken
Except being definitively European, whether or not these chickens originated in Poland is contended. The combs of males particularly resemble small headdresses that can hamper their vision, making them easily temperamental.
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