An All-Natural, Organic,
Self-Sustaining Farm

Established in 2015 and located in the west hinterlands of Palm City, NeshaFarm is a twenty-acre property whose principle function is the domestication of high-quality ruminants, equines, and fowl. Our philosophy isn’t just to raise animals however, but sweet, people-friendly animals who live in a clean environment and are affectionately cared for.

In addition to our catalog of livestock, we also take pride in our grounds, which include, among other things, three lakes, an island, spacious pastures, and artificial beach. As we grow, we look to lessen our reliance on utilities and commercial fodder, and instead, on our own renewable energy, crops, and feed. Our total abstinence from harmful agrochemicals, and instead on patience, also allows us to produce high-quality, organic products.

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An All-Natural, Organic, Self-Sustaining Farm
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