NeshaFarm is comprised of hard working individuals, collaborating to create one of the most sophisticated agricultural projects in South Florida. We are always on the lookout for experienced people to help us realize and maintain this goal. If you believe yourself to be such a person, we encourage you to get in touch with us.


Great teams foster great results. That's our philosophy anyway. At NeshaFarm, we're committed to keeping our staff both happy and healthy, offering competitive health, vision and dental coverage along with paid national holidays, vacation, and sick leave. Family is also something we take seriously, and try to do little in the way of interferring with.

Available Positions

Grenhouse worker


  • Responsible for planting, cultivating and harvesting trees, shrubs, flowers and plants.
  • Prepares soil; plants bulbs, seeds and cuttings; graft and bud plants; and transplants seedlings and cuttings.
  • Spray trees, shrubs, flowers and plants to prevent disease and pests.
  • Position and regulate greenhouse and outdoor irrigation systems to water plants and fields.
  • Dig, cut and transplant trees, shrubs, flowers and plants.



  • Ensures that operational areas are clean and maintained.
  • Clears away animal waste and cleans and sterilizes farm equipment.
  • Feeds livestock and cleans and disinfect their pens, cages, yards, and hutches.
An All-Natural, Organic, Self-Sustaining Farm
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