Our Purpose

To be a self-sustaining farm, generating our own energy, water, and feed. To avoid the use of chemicals or pesticides that are harmful to animals, the environment, and the people who care for them. To be a truly modern example of how to use the most state-of-the-art technology to achieve the most efficient production while remaining green to the Earth.

So, Who Are We?

NeshaFarm was established in August of 2015 by Benjamin K. Sharfi, President and CEO of General Micro Systems, a technology company he founded in 1979. An Israeli native, Sharfi spent his formative youth in Ben Shemen, a moshav, or agricultural settlement in central Israel where he became accustomed with and developed an appreciation for farming, and the animals around him. Taking from his Hebrew roots, "Neshama" means "My Soul".

The site, situated off State Road 714 in Palm City, was chosen because of its secluded, rural setting and lake. Since purchasing the property at an initial ten acres (435,600 sq. ft.), we have expanded to twenty (871,200 sq. ft.) incorporating two additional freshwater lakes that double as both irrigation for the rest of the grounds, and that maintain our abundant supply of largemouth bass and bluegill. In our effort to conserve as much of nature's offering as possible, we employ cisterns for reclaimed water, technologies such as tree T-PEE, and have plans to install enough solar paneling that it will rival or eliminate our dependence on electricity. We will also soon be installing cable Internet.

Besides our livestock, NeshaFarm is also noted for its flora. We sport one of the most attractive oak selections in South Florida, soon to exceed a thousand in number; some as old as 150 years and some 100 feet in height. Our unfinished orchard will bear, among others, citrus, olive, cherry, plum, macadamia nut and apple, the latter two of which are rare in the state. As part of our mission to be organic, we do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides in growing our crops.

An All-Natural, Organic, Self-Sustaining Farm
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