Welcome to the site! I appreciate you taking a moment of your time to look around my little corner of the net. As someone who has landed work from graphics and web, to video and 3D, I consider myself all around a generalist. I’ve graduated college with honors twice, hold two Microsoft certs, am currently self-employed as a computer tech, and command a reputation for speed, organization, and reliability. When I'm not working, I can be found drawing, playing (and collecting) video games, watching anime, or drowning myself in music.

Software and aptitudes

  • Audacity ▪ After Effects ▪ Dreamweaver ▪ Illustrator ▪ InDesign ▪ Maya ▪ Microsoft Office
    Photoshop ▪ QuickBooks
  • Drawing ▪ Writing ▪ Printing ▪ Information technology ▪ Windows / Mac OS / Android
  • HTML / CSS / Media queries / WC3 compliance ▪ DNS ▪ FTP ▪ SEO


  • Microsoft Certified Professional
    License E887-9301
  • Microsoft Technology Associate: Windows Operating System Fundamentals
    License E887-9302


General Micro Systems
Graphic / Web design
Stuart, FL ▪ 2016-17

  • Analyze and edit aspects of visual media to enforce quality and conformity to industry trends.
  • Photograph products and finalize for use in commercial and instructional print.
  • Develop branding for numerous offsite firms incl. the design of logos, print, websites and social media.
  • Script, storyboard, film, edit and composite video for marketing projects.

CMA Digital
Graphic design
Hollywood, FL ▪ 2013

  • 3D environment and product art; modeled, mapped, textured and rendered.
  • Ad design for commercial and digital print incl. implementation of 3D assets.

Graphic design
Boca Raton, FL ▪ 2012

  • Data entry.
  • Brought on to independently produce video pitch for company; completed within timeframe.

Pelican Printing & Advertising Specialties
Graphic design
Jensen Beach, FL ▪ 2008

  • Commercial print incl. cards, fliers, pamphlets, signage and logo design.

Skies the Limit Printing
Graphic design
Port St. Lucie, FL ▪ 2008

  • Commercial print incl. cards, fliers, pamphlets, signage and logo design.


Cascades PC
Information technology
Treasure Coast ▪ 2013–Present

  • Operating system installation, repair, and optimization.
  • Software and hardware installation.
  • Internet, network, printer, cloud, and smart setup.
  • Virus and malware removal.
  • Tablet and mobile phone repair.
  • Data recovery.

Retired Floridian's Guide to Golf, or; Dad, Thanks for the Golf Clubs
Graphic design
Port St. Lucie, FL ▪ 2019

  • Illustrated cover art and chapter ornaments for book. Published physically and for e-readers.

The International Independent Garment Analysis Service
Web design
Port St. Lucie, FL ▪ 2019

  • Design, develop, and implement website.
  • Maintain social media.

Graphic design + Information technology
Port St. Lucie, FL ▪ 2017–Present

  • Commercial print incl. business cards, advertisements, and signage.

Tri-Core Partners
Graphic / Web design + Information technology
Port St. Lucie, FL ▪ 2015–Present

  • Design, develop and implement website.
  • Branding and logo design.
  • Commercial print incl. business cards, advertisements, and signage.

Nick Day Law
Web design
Hoboken, NJ ▪ 2012-15

  • Design, develop and implement website.

Alma mater

The Art Institute
Fort Lauderdale, FL ▪ 2008-11

  • Graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation.

Keiser University
Fort Lauderdale, FL ▪ 2005-08

  • Graduated magna cum laude with an Associate of Science in Video Game Design.
  • Perfect attendance and multiple Dean's List acknowledgments.


Writing ▪ 2012

  • Obtained Good Article status for two articles, School Days and Cross Days, by thoroughly researching and rewriting them, one of two distinctions awarded to articles that are "well written, contain factually accurate and verifiable information, are broad in coverage, neutral in point of view, stable, and illustrated, where possible, by relevant images with suitable copyright licenses."

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Academia ▪ 2008

  • Inducted into the Beta Xi Pi (ΒΞΠ) chapter.